Hello there!

“For us, to tell stories with our cameras is to be doing our dream work”.

We are Rob & Lori, a couple of wedding photographers from Costa Rica that felt in love with the little details that love managed to give us. We have been shooting weddings since 2016 and for us, be able to tell real stories with our cameras is to be doing our dream work.

Like most couples, we enjoy spending our time together, love listening to music, run movie marathons or simply rest in our sheets. We also love to spend some quality time with our friends and go out for diner once in a while; love outdoors and breath fresh air as well as exploring new locations for our shoots whenever we have some free time.

As photographers we are constantly inspired by the stories that have taken place in our lives. We know that the stories are there, all the beauty and drama of life, all the characters and details are right there for us to capture them with our cameras. We love to make images that reflect how you felt, how you are together, your dynamic, your humor sense, your hugs, intimacy and all the beautiful craziness of real love.

We also want to get to know you and that you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident about our work, when all of this happens we are more than sure that we can accomplish the best work ever.

Everything starts with a good story and we’ll love to hear yours. Get in touch! Let’s schedule a meeting and let’s talk a little bit about your wedding day.