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Covid-19 & Weddings in Costa Rica

Hello there, we hope you’re healthy and happy while we all deal with the effects of the crazy pandemic. We put together this page for you to know the actions, precautions, and how we are dealing with Covid-19 as photographers and the wedding industry in general, as you know our industry got hit by Covid-19 very bad and non of this was expected for any of us. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns, even if you just need to chat because you’re feeling overwhelmed about the situation we are here to help in as much as we can and make your wedding an incredible memory.

Precautions we are taking.

We have been quarantining since mid-March, 2020, staying healthy these past few months, catching up with some personal projects, and updating our website (some new blogs are coming soon).  We basically cut all our social life to the minimum and we just go out to the supermarket and a few other places. We began scheduling sessions, elopements, and micro-weddings at the end of August 2020. Aside from those few sessions/elopements/micro-weddings and our weekly curbside grocery pickup, we’re still taking social distancing very seriously.

We are always wearing a mask on public places and also to sessions/elopements/weddings, using and offering hand sanitizer, and maintaining distance. Of course, we miss hugs, kisses, and handshakes, but for now, we are giving friendly waves. You can check more about our safety measures during weddings over here.


Weddings for 2020.

For the rest of 2020, we are restricting ourselves to only weddings with a maximum of 30 guests until the government increases the number of guests allowed.


Postponement & Cancelations.

This is the part nobody was expecting when 2020 started, but if your wedding date is affected by Covid-19, we are happy to offer our couples two options:

  • The first one (that is the industry standard around the world) is to move the wedding date with all money paid going towards a new date without any extra fees, we are also offering this to any couples thinking of, but maybe a little worried about booking their wedding now for next year. If you would like to book us now but are worried that you may have to change the date (let’s cross our fingers that it’s not going to happen), we would be happy to offer the ability to change the date, without penalties, to another date we are free (up to one year). In the situation where we cannot find a date that works for both of us, we will outsource the shooting to another, equally wonderful, photographer and we’ll still be editing and delivering the photos so you will have the assurance of the style, quality, and product you booked.
  • The second option we give is to use the retainer fee as a couple session, family session, or post-wedding session whenever you feel it’s safe to travel to Costa Rica within the next 18 months. 

Please note that all retainers made are non-refundable as per the contract (this is an industry-standard around the world), it is basically because our service is date-exclusive, and once a couple books us, we turn down any other couple wanting us at their wedding. As much as we wish to refund we are not a big company like Amazon, an airline, or a big hotel that can do it and won’t be really affected by the situation, with small businesses like most of the ones involved in the wedding industry every cancelation is very difficult and potentially devastating, we rely on this income to live and to put food on our table. However, your retainer will not be lost and you will be able to use it towards the new date or can be used as a couple session whenever you feel it’s safe to travel to Costa Rica.

We are doing our best to work closely with everyone as far as being flexible with date changes. Some of our couples have been opting to schedule a really small wedding in their hometown and postpone their destination wedding to celebrate with friends and family until it feels safe to travel again.  #postponewedding


Sessions for 2020.

As of the end of August 2020, we have begun to photograph portrait sessions including engagements, elopements, micro-weddings, intimate lifestyle, family photos, etc. During these shootings we are always maintaining distance, wearing a facemask, and using/offering hand sanitizer.

What happens if we get sick?

In the unlikely event that we get sick or if we think we might get in touch with someone that is sick and are unable to attend a wedding, we will send a capable and wonderful photographer that we trust to cover your wedding. We will edit their photos to keep a similar look edit-wise. We have always had emergency plans set in place for illness or injury and these plans will not change. We are grateful to be friends with an amazing network of photographers in Costa Rica so you can be sure you will get a great job no matter what.


Will Covid-19 change the way we shoot your wedding?

Not really, we are very lucky that in our service and by the way we work we can easily keep at least 2mts (6 feet) distance in almost every situation, we are also taking precautions by wearing a facemask when need it, using disposable gloves if we touch your personal items and always having hand sanitizer with us, but the workflow itself doesn’t change, so our final work is not affected by this. Now, if one of the guests, you, or we have any symptoms of Covid-19  you must bring that subject up in advance of the shoot, and we will do the same, so we can figure out a way to deal with this, safety comes first and these have to be our rule all the time to keep everybody safe and happy. These conversations may be awkward but they are vitally important. 


Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Most of the Covid-19 cases and “hot spots” in Costa Rica are in some locations of the metropolitan area where it’s very populated, but we are very lucky that touristic areas like Guanacaste, South Pacific, Monteverde, and the South Caribbean among many others are Covid-19 free or almost free with just a few cases under control. Also, most touristic attractions are open to the public with safety measures. Flights from Canada, the USA, UK, and the European Union are already coming weekly and from some destinations even daily to the airports in San José and Liberia (Guanacaste). You can be sure that all the industry is taking this pretty seriously and everybody is taking all precautions, even so, it’s always good to take care of yourself by having all precautions announced by the governments like wear a facemask on public places, washing your hands often, don’t touch your face unless your hands are clean, also try to avoid handshakes, kisses or very close personal contact especially with unknown people, and things that at this point are the “new norm”.


Where to get info about Covid-19 and in Costa Rica.

Most of the newspapers and press over here are in Spanish, but Tico Times is a good and reliable source in English, you can find Covid-19 info over here: 

You can also check the official Costa Rica Tourism Board information website by clicking here:


Other resources.

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