Hi there!

We made it! We can bet you are over the moon excited, having awesome flashbacks of your special day, remembering how excited you were, and of course wondering when we’ll send your full gallery with all those incredible memories, don’t worry in order to help you out with this we prepare this general guide so you know the different stages of our process after we shoot your day.

Normally it takes no more than 90 days to have the full gallery-ready, for couple sessions it takes a couple of weeks less, during this time our workflow will be very similar to this:

#1 – All your photos are backed up in a camera using 2 memories at the same time to ensure we don’t get corrupted images, this is not something that normally happens (it never happened to us) but you know, it’s electronic and sometimes it could get cranky without notice, so to make sure we avoid this, we simultaneously shoot with 2 memory cards on each camera at all time.

After we get back to our office we start the culling and editing process:

#2– First week: As soon as we are back home we’ll transfer these photos from the memory cards to a main hard drive and from this hard drive we’ll make another backup copy to a second and third hard drive, this way your memories will be stored in three different places to make sure nothing will happen to them.

#3– Weeks two and three: We easily take 8000+ photos during a wedding day and here comes the part when we cull the images and pick the best photos, don’t worry we’ll include everything, this culling process basically means that we’ll take out all the photos that are with close eyes, blurry, weird backgrounds or too similar to each other so we’ll keep the best of each moment.

#4– Weeks four to six: After the culling process it’s done we jump to the stage when we edit your photos. This is the part that takes the longest but at the same time, it’s the most exciting. We’ll take every single photo one by one and apply color correction and framing, this is where the photos take our signature edit and come to life. One thing to notice here it’s that the final images could slightly change a bit from the sneak peek images you received.

#5– Weeks seven to eight: After the editing is over we take a final check, sort the images, and prepare them to export as JPGs to a hard drive. We can imagine, you might be wondering how many photos will you get, so it depends on the event, normally if the weather conditions allowed it and there was good interaction between the guests for an elopement you can expect anything between 400 and 600 images, for an 8h wedding you can expect anything between 800 to 1200 images and sometimes even more. Yep.. that’s aaaaa lot of photos.

#6– Final week: When we have these images as JPG it’s time to upload them to your wedding gallery and prepare everything for you, from this gallery you will be able to download the whole gallery (please do this ASAP so you can have a local backup) or individuals, also you can order prints from the online print store and share the gallery to your family or friends you can also mark images as private so only you will be able to see them.

#7– When we have the gallery ready, we’ll send you an email with the link and passwords, and some basic instructions with all the information you need.

#8– That’s basically it! You can enjoy your photos and remember this awesome day for a long long long time.


And that’s how it usually works, keep in mind that this is an estimate time with a give & take time between here and there, we don’t usually take longer than 90 days, but if it does for any emergency or extreme situation we’ll make sure we keep you informed so you are sure that your photos will come out with all our love and passion. The bit of wait will be worth it, we promise you that.

We really hope you had fun with us, that’s one of our main goals, photos will come out beautiful, that is for sure, but also to know that you had a good time and enjoyed your day it’s very important to us, it’s what makes everything wonderful and magic.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you in the meantime.

We send you a warmly hug!

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