Destination Wedding at Dreams Las Mareas | Nikki & Josh




In the heart of Costa Rica’s enchanting landscapes, against the backdrop of Dreams Las Mareas Resort , Nikki and Josh celebrated a perfect fusion of simplicity, elegance, and the unbreakable bond of love and family. The choice of a destination wedding was a no-brainer for the couple, with Costa Rica’s picturesque scenery and rich culture capturing their hearts. Josh’s childhood connection to the country, along with his parents’ current residence here, made it the perfect setting for a celebration centered around family.

The couple’s desire for a simple yet classy affair translated into a wedding that celebrated the natural beauty of their surroundings. With blue skies, palm trees, the beach, and stunning sunsets over the ocean, the scenery itself became the primary decor. The color palette of neutral greens and whites with hints of terracotta complemented the tropical backdrop, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere.

Nikki and Josh’s wedding day, unfolded as a perfect blend of the magical, the loving, and the familial. Their testimony reflects the sentiment that amidst the whirlwind of emotions, their day was undeniably thrilling and fun. The intimate moments, such as the surprise father-daughter dance evolving into a throwback mashup of upbeat music and a bridesmaid serenading Nikki down the aisle, added a personal touch to the celebration.

However, it was the exchange of vows, surrounded by their closest friends and family, that held a special place in their hearts. The couple embraced the joyous spirit of the occasion by creating an unforgettable memory—jumping into the pool with their entire wedding party, followed by every guest joining in the celebration. 

Words from the couple:

Josh and I were looking for quite sometime to find the perfect photographers to capture our wedding day. I stumbled across a wedding blog of this couple and thought to myself “wow these photos are amazing” So I looked up the photographers and that is how we found Rob and Lori’s instagram page with all their amazing work. Instantly, we looked into booking them and when we saw that they were locally from Costa Rica and have shot multiple times at the venue we were getting married at we knew it was meant to be! Josh and I are so incredibly lucky to have Rob and Lori capture all the special moments from our wedding day. The moment we got our photos back it was the first time we had relived our wedding day. The pictures captured all the real raw moments and you can feel the emotion through each and every single photo captured. Our photos tell a story and it’s so special to us that we get to keep that with us forever and show it off to all our friends and family, and someday, our children.


Costa Rica Wedding Photography by Raw Shoots - featured

•  Venue: Dreams Las Mareas • Photography: Raw Shoots • Videography: Forever Wedding Films • Hair & Make Up: Zenna Kuzio • Dress: The Bridal Boutique


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