Frequent Questions

We can bet you have a ton of questions regarding your wedding, so thinking about this, we prepared a list of answers to the most frequent questions we think you might have in mind regarding our work.

This is very important because it will give you a better idea of how we work as a duo during the day and how is our approach. So.. go get a drink and do your notes!

How would you describe your photography approach?

In simple terms, we are documentary wedding photographers with a little bit of a romantic vibe, fashion sense & editorial mood, so we basically get a little bit of here and there, but to be honest, we truly do love candid real-life moments, we really enjoy documenting the vibe of your wedding day without adding artificial ingredients, just capturing moments as they naturally unfold, eventually providing gentle and natural directions during portrait times so you can have an idea of what can be done. We want you to spend your day having fun not posing for photos every single second, we love all those emotions full of spontaneous laughs and corky dances that happen during every wedding or couple session, so don’t be shy, bring it all on and we’ll be ready to capture that.

Do you guys always shoot together?

Yes, we do. The only reason that we don’t shoot together during a wedding or a session it’s because one of us got sick or something like that, but besides that, we go to every wedding and session together. Even so, if one of us can not go, we take another awesome photographer so you can be sure that there will always be two photographers covering your day.

What would it be working with you?

We are really easy-going people, and avoid all the awkward moments, we really want you to think of us more like two guests with cameras than actual photographers, we feel that people get much more comfortable this way and we can capture much more genuine moments. During the wedding day, we love to capture all the unscripted moments and how you and your guests really felt. During the couple’s photo session, we will just give you natural directions so you guys can get an idea and be in the mood so you can start showing us all those real laughs and emotions. The rest of the day we keep mostly documenting everything that is happening around.

What kind of couples do you normally work with?

Our couples are the best!! In a few words our couples love photos and want great memories without compromising the natural flow of the day, if you care more about real, candid and emotional photos and care less about the clean dress, staged/perfect hair images, we are going to be a perfect fit.

Do you offer engagement/couple sessions?

We do, and we love them. Sometimes couples like to come and check the venue and details several months before their wedding takes place, and that is a great chance to do photos, you can use them for invites to show during the wedding or just to have a lovely memory from your trip. If you are not coming before the wedding day, one popular idea is to do a shoot the day before the wedding in a nearby place, we normally take 1.5h during the sunset and shoot some casual and nice shoots of you two, it is very nice because it gives more story to the wedding and you can have a more relaxed, confident and enjoyable experience during the wedding day.

This will be our first time doing a photo session, so this might feel awkward to us, will you give us a hand?

Totally, we will help you out all the way since the beginning.

In order to capture lovely pictures you need to enjoy the moment, be confident and have fun with us, as we said, we are really easy-going people so we’ll not make you feel uncomfortable or awkward, instead, we will guide you with little tips to get these lovely moments between you two, by the end of the shoot you will feel like a pro without even thinking about it. 

For couple/engagement photos we normally take a couple of hours, most of the time by the end of the afternoon so we can get the best light, we don’t like to rush things out, so we want you to take your time, enjoy it and laugh. It’s not just about shooting and shooting pictures, it’s also about knowing you so we can get the most genuine side of you.

For wedding portraits, the ideal for us is a minimum of 30min, this way you won’t feel so stressed and can take things slow and nice, during this time we want you to enjoy it and to be stress-free, take a break from all the noise and rush of the wedding, and have this time for you two, realize what just happened, and share your feelings and love.

What do you include in your Wedding Collections?

Our Collections starts with 3h for small weddings and elopements up to 9h or more for longer weddings with a lot of activities, each of our Collections includes: two full-time photographers, a exclusive Wedding Guide (you will love this!!), web and high resolutions images ( yes!!, we don’t charge you extra for HQ images), some 5×7 high-quality grade prints, a nice wooden box, a wooden USB key with the web and print versions of your images, a private online gallery that you can share with your friends and family, and also includes our transportation and accommodation to your wedding venue in Costa Rica so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

We also include a pre-wedding consultation video call, to talk about your plans, ideas for the wedding, suggestions and the most important part, to meet you!

Besides this, we also offer extra coverage like engagement/couple sessions, rehearsal dinner, day after wedding session, wedding album, etc, in case you need it.

Which Collection do you guys think we should get?

Every wedding is different so it’s hard to say. We always tell this will mostly depend on how it’s going to be your reception timeline, if it’s just a sit-down dinner with a couple of speeches and perhaps a first dance the 5h Collection will fit good, but if you have some party time or some other activities during your wedding (fireworks, dances, etc), the 7h or 9h Collection will fit much better. Our most common Collection coverage is 7 hours because we can cover all the way since the getting ready till the party time. We also have other options available for smaller amounts of time too, and also for larger amounts but for most weddings, we feel 7 hours is the sweet spot. 

Do you guys edit all the photos?

Yes! During a wedding we can take between 5000 to 7000 photographs, this depends on a lot of factors such as hours of coverage, entertainment, number of guests, available light, weather, etc, and from this amount of photos, we handpick and edit every single photo that you receive by ourselves, this culling and editing process of our service is something that we really put effort and spend a lot of time curating and color correcting each photo so the story and vibes makes sense. You will receive a product made 100% by us and that is totally under our control.

Can you guys Photoshop us?

Our service doesn’t include Photoshoping things, animals or humans, in case you need some of this for any reason, you can let us know in advance and we can add it as an extra, the value of this depends on how complex is the job, in case there is a heavy photoshopping belong our possibilities, we can recommend you some great people that do this kind of job after our photos are delivered.

Do you guys deliver images in black and white?

Yes, we do, we love black and white, we feel that black and white images are timeless and nostalgic, so having these images in our final delivery is something that we normally do.

Are the photographs watermarked?

No, we like to keep our images clean, so all of our images are delivered without watermarks, frames or random stickers. In case you wish to credit us you can just tag us on your social networks (we’ll love that!!)

How long do you guys take to deliver the photographs?

For weddings in most cases we take 8 weeks to deliver the full gallery, but sometimes if the load of work is heavy during our peak season we might take a little bit more (just a little). For a couple session the time varies from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the amount of work. We always try to give you some preview images as fast as we can, so you can share with your family, friends or post on your social media.

How many images will we receive?

It definitely varies! For weddings, it depends on your coverage, but on average between 600-1200. It’s hard to tell the exact number because it will depend on a lot of things, such as available light, timing, amount of guests and even the interaction between them, we try to stick with a minimum of 100 per hour, but it can go higher than that very easily if the conditions allow it.

For couples sessions/engagements, average 100-200. 

Not to worry though, we never leave anything out and will include plenty of photos of everything we capture. You will get anything and everything that meets our standards!

How do we receive the photographs?

Once the images are totally edited, we will upload the photographs to a private online gallery that you will have access with an exclusive password, also if it is a wedding service we will ship a lovely wooden box to your address, this box contains a USB key with all HQ images, several prints, and a print release card in case you need it so you can print any of the delivered images without any problem if your printing shop ask for a print release card. Depending on the destination of the shipping and the time it takes on customs the delivery time might vary from location to location.

Can we see a full wedding that you guys photographed?

Sure you can, it is really important for us that you see as much as you can of our work so you can have a complete idea of what we can deliver and what you can expect from our work, don’t hesitate to check our blog entries you can get a good idea of what we shoot during the weddings.

Can we provide you with a “shot list”?

Because we are more into the documentary style, we don’t really work with shot lists upfront, but as you can see in our galleries we take care of details, candid shots and all the key moments. There is one list that we really appreciate and is a small list of people for the “formal portraits”, you know the ones with parents, grandparents, close friends, etc., two tips that helps a lot is make everyone aware that they are needed for photos at certain time and to tell one of your friends to help to call the people for each shot, this is basically because for us it will be very hard to know who is who and it can take longer, but telling a friend to help with this will speed up the process a lot.

Do you shoot wedding details?

Absolutely, we love wedding details and we are sure you love them too. It is a shame spending so much money and time and not having memories of the details that you choose for this day. For this, you just have to take into consideration a little bit of time for us to take care of these shots before the guests arrive at the ceremony and reception area.

What if you haven’t been to my venue, does this affect the workflow somehow?

Not shooting in a venue before is not a problem for us, we have been to a lot of venues in Costa Rica and if we haven’t been to one before, we always do a previous research and if is possible we go the day before or early during the wedding day to check out potential locations and see how the light behaves, so we can be confident and take the most of it.

Do you guys need to eat on the wedding day?

Please! and it is ideal to do it at the same time when you two eat. This way we don’t have to worry about missing anything such as speeches, first dance or any other activity that might happen right after dinner. When you’re done, we’re done too and ready to keep shooting.

Do you guys do video?

No, we don’t, but we know some great videographers that would do an awesome job for you. Don’t hesitate to ask us and we will gladly give you their contact information.

We’ll love to have a video call with you guys, is this possible?

Absolutely, we’ll love to do that too, for us is very veryyyyy important that you meet us in advance, this way when we meet in person you will not feel awkward having us around taking pictures of you like flying mosquitos. We want you to see us more as a friend that shoots great pictures than as a photographer so having this video call will help a lot to get to know each other and break the ice.

Can you hold a date for us?

We’ll really love to do that, but we can’t promise to do it without a retainer and signed contract. To be fair with all our couples, we work on a first-come/first-served basis.

Do you have wedding vendors that you can recommend us?

Of course, you can find all sorts of amazing and talented individuals in Costa Rica from wedding planners, flower designers, officiants, rentals, makeup artists, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you need some assistance getting in touch with them.

What will be your final advice if we want to get the most out of our wedding photography?

First off, this day is yours. Meaning, stay true to who you are as a couple. 

Have a good timeline will be awesome, is not that you have to stick to it, but it will help a lot to the flow of everything, having a good timeline will make the day so smooth and nice, and by planning, we also mean think about delays that could eventually happen (so leave some little gaps just in case). Check when is the sunset by the time of the year you are planning your wedding and prioritize what photographs are most important to you, then dedicate enough time to make sure they happen. Remember, in photography, everything is about lighting, if we have good light you can bet your photographs will be amazing.

We will love to book you, how and when do we do that?

That will be lovely, so, if it is an engagement or couple session you can just click on the CONTACT link and send us a message with the date and locations you are visiting when you are coming over here. If it’s a wedding you can click on the INQUIRE NOW link and fill the form as much as you can, once we get this info and if we have the date available we will send you all the information and instructions to secure your date.

Do you have any other questions? don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form we’ll be happy to help you out.

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